“I’m Going to Double Major” – How to Realistically Build Your College Degree Plan

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 in Academics

As a high school student, you likely felt pressure to be involved in just about everything. After all, you had to present yourself as a well-rounded, high-performing student on your college applications. Success in college looks different than it did in high school. Now that you’re here, we still expect you to be high performing. But as a college student, you are allowed to focus your efforts and be a bit more purposeful.

And how do you do this? By setting SMART goals for what you hope to accomplish with your time here at Lubbock Christian University. Before you make any decisions about your major or extracurriculars,


How Much Does College Cost? Compare Costs Before You Decide

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 in Financial Aid

Whether you’re wrapping up your high school career or you’re getting close to finishing your two-year college degree, one thing is for sure. It’s time to think about the next step: applying to a four-year university.

You know that earning a degree from a four-year institution is quite an investment, and it’s important to weigh the cost as a factor in your choice of school. We can help with that!

As you start to browse through university websites to narrow your choices, here are a few steps you can take to compare the cost of each school accurately.


College Life Hacks: 5 Ways to Study Smarter

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 in Be Blue!

You’ve heard the statement time and time again, “College won’t be like high school.” But how exactly will college be different? One way college will be different is your workload. You already know that college professors expect more from you in class. And you’ll have a lot more free time to do the work, which is great!

But more free time can actually bring on more challenges, and it can be hard to adjust. Here are five life hacks you can adopt to help you study smarter in college.

Establish Your Routine

A big part of what makes college so different is your routine.


Top Study Spots in Lubbock, TX

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 in Campus Resources, Lubbock

Looking for a good place to hit the books? There are plenty of good places on campus and around Lubbock. It’s important to remember that everyone works differently, so determining the best places to study around town isn’t an exact science. However, there are three key ingredients that make a good study spot: internet access, a comfortable work space, and refreshments.

Here are a few places around town that will have you thinking, “10/10, would study here again!”

On-Campus Spots

University Library

It’s no surprise that the University Library right here on campus is first on our list of top places to study.