Benefits of Attending a Christian University

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 in Campus Life, my LCU

You have a lot to think about when you’re an incoming freshman – classes, finances, choosing a major, and much more.

At the top of that list, you may have wondered how you will make your faith your own.  And, you may have thought about the how the new friends you will make will impact your life. The good news is that LCU is committed to encouraging your personal spiritual growth, one of the many benefits that come from attending a Christian university. You will have the opportunity to grow your faith alongside others who are seeking to do the same, which will result in lifelong, deep friendships that will bless you for years to come.

Let’s look at the many benefits of attending a Christian university and what LCU has to offer in helping you deepen your relationship with God.

Focus on the Intangibles

Spiritually-influenced relationships

At LCU you’ll grow through your relationships with other students who share a common faith as you get to know one another and speak into each others’ personal growth. Many of these cherished relationships will last a lifetime, and it all starts in smaller classes, time spent in worship together during  chapel, and shared experiences in social clubs and service activities.

Deeper knowledge of God

Christian universities challenge you to think deeply about your faith.  Your Bible professors will help you dig deeper into the Bible through courses offered as part of LCU’s core curriculum, and they will help strengthen your spiritual walk and help you understand more about God’s great love for you.

Christian values

You will be provided the opportunity  to live out faith-based values as a student at LCU. Students are part of a community that appreciates and cares for each other, and that learns from each other on this shared journey.  At LCU, this is done routinely through various campus activities and in special service opportunities , mission trips, and local outreach.

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Making an impact

Christian universities provide students with the opportunity to make an impact both locally and globally. Whether it’s through volunteering in urban ministries, working with local nonprofits, or participating in an overseas mission trip, students are encouraged to serve others. At LCU, you’ll have the opportunity each spring break and summer to be part of a mission trip or a mission internship. Mission trips allow you to share your faith and engage directly with people who are in need.


At LCU, you’re among people who share your beliefs and who can serve as role models. LCU faculty and staff are dedicated to living out their personal faith in authentic ways as they teach and mentor students  inside and outside the classroom. You’ll have both spiritual and educational guidance that you can’t find at any other type of university.

Maintaining a Christian outlook

At LCU, you will receive the unique experience of having your faith and your learning intersect.  A Christian university is the perfect place to ask your questions and to have an informed dialogue about subjects that are important to you and your future.. You’ll be equipped with the spiritual tools necessary to keep you focused on what’s most important in your life.


A Christian-based education offers stability in that it’s not influenced by trends and fads that can alter the collegiate experience. You can be confident in knowing that your  education at LCU is firmly grounded in Biblical truths and that you will be prepared for the future in your chosen academic discipline

Worship Alongside Others at LCU

At LCU, we’re committed to helping you find a deeper relationship with God through regular worship.

  • Chapel – You’ll worship alongside fellow students, faculty, and staff in chapel services held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Weekly devotionals – You’ll have to opportunity to attend a variety of weekly devotional services – many of which are student-directed and led.
  • Local churches – Becoming involved in local churches will enhance your spiritual walk at LCU.
  • BLUR – BLUR is a student-led time of worship that takes three times per academic year,  and is open to the public. LCU’s a cappella group, Best Friends, usually leads worship.

Your college experience should focus on your growth spiritually and academically, which means a vibrant Christian university is the ideal next step for you. Apply to Lubbock Christian University now!