Top Study Spots in Lubbock, TX

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 in Campus Resources, Lubbock

Looking for a good place to hit the books? There are plenty of good places on campus and around Lubbock. It’s important to remember that everyone works differently, so determining the best places to study around town isn’t an exact science. However, there are three key ingredients that make a good study spot: internet access, a comfortable work space, and refreshments.

Here are a few places around town that will have you thinking, “10/10, would study here again!”

On-Campus Spots

University Library

It’s no surprise that the University Library right here on campus is first on our list of top places to study.


Anxious About Starting Your First Semester of College? We Can Help.

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 in Campus Resources

The road ahead is both exciting and daunting if you just graduated high school and are about to embark on your college career. It’s exciting in that you’re taking the next step on your journey, but daunting in that you’re now in unfamiliar territory and looking at a seemingly endless to-do list.

For several recent high school grads, the season before college feels overwhelming. There are several tasks to complete before arriving to move-in. There isn’t constant support from a high school counselor and it’s not yet time to head to school to begin meeting with a college academic counselor.


The Top 10 Resources at Lubbock Christian University

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 in Campus Resources

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student, you’re undoubtedly excited about your first semester at Lubbock Christian University.

If you’re like most first-year students, you’re also nervous, too. It’s only natural to feel that way, and the good news is that LCU has a support “team” that will ease your transition while providing all the resources you need. You want to stay healthy, get a great education, and create an amazing community at LCU – and it’s all possible!

Let’s take a closer look at 10 important resources available to you across campus at LCU.