Final To-Dos Before Starting Your Freshman Year

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 in Summer

The summer before your freshman year of college is not only just around the corner, but it also will be gone in a flash.

There are so many things to do and get done, from spending quality time with family and friends, to earning money through a summer job, to simply finding time to unwind and relax. Moreover, don’t forget that lengthy list of things to do before your first semester on campus.

At Lubbock Christian University, we want the transition from summer to your first college class to be as smooth as possible. Here are some things you can do now to help set you up for a stress-free fall semester.

1. Sign up for classes

Summer is the ideal time to sign up for fall semester classes, and LCU offers early registration days for incoming freshmen who have RSVP’d in advance. While these registration sign-up dates are optional, they allow you to lock in important classes before the rest of the student body. To learn more, visit LCU Admissions to sign up for one of our Summer Registration Days.

2. Buy books

Buying books for your classes has never been easier thanks to LCU’s electronic bookstore. You can shop for textbooks by course and place your order online.

3. Look into student organizations

LCU has 15 active student organizations with each organization serving a unique niche. Whether it’s student government, business, culture – you name it – there’s an organization for you. Go here to learn more.

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4. Pick out a social club

LCU’s social clubs encompass a wide variety of activities, including recreational opportunities, intramural sports, shows during Master Follies, as well as service opportunities such as visits to nursing homes and children’s activities. Take time this summer to research the social clubs you’re interested in and be prepared to learn more about them when you get to campus as you find the right one for you!

5. Student Senate

Do you enjoy being part of the decision-making and planning process? If so, LCU’s Student Senate may be just for you as you’ll have the chance to serve as a student senator. Learn more about it this summer and prepare to join as soon as you get to campus.

6. Student housing

Do you have questions about on-campus student housing, want to make a roommate request, or interested in getting in touch with a roommate? Contact LCU’s on-campus housing department today.

7. Line up a job

Contact LCU’s Student Employment office if you’re interested in securing a job for the 2017-18 school year.

8. Get familiar with our campus map

Getting used to your new surroundings in the fall is often challenging, but knowing where things are and how to get there definitely works to your advantage. Take a look at our campus map and even take a virtual tour.

We’re excited to have you on campus with us. Go Chaps!

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