How to Spend The Summer Before College

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 in Summer

You’ve worked hard, earned your high school diploma, and now you’re ready to transition into a new phase of your life – college. The summer before college, at the end of high school and the start of college is an exciting and sometimes apprehensive time. It’s different from previous summers because you’re about to embark on a new journey.

You may also be wondering how to fill your time in the best way possible before you report to college in late summer. The fact is, there are plenty of ways to spend the next three months that will prepare you for the first step of your college career:

Spend time with family

Set aside time to spend with your family because it may be the last chance to have quality time with them for a while. The ensuing summers could be even busier as you take on jobs and internships, so cherish your time with family. You won’t regret it.

Make the most of orientation

Many colleges require that incoming freshmen attend orientation; if yours doesn’t, make sure that you’re signed up for it. Even if you’ve visited your college beforehand, orientation will give you a more thorough look, including where things are on campus, local amenities, eating places, and more. Lubbock Christian University offers GO! every summer to get students prepared for the great years ahead of them.

Earn some cash

A summer job will keep you busy, mentally sharp, and also enable you to earn money that you’ll need even if your parents or a scholarship takes care of tuition and room and board. You’ll need cash for eating out, shopping, attending events, and other activities, and building up your savings over the summer will only help.

Work on your life skills

The summer is a great time to either learn or brush up on life skills such as finances and doing laundry. You should have a checking and savings account, preferably at a bank that has a branch near campus, and check for in-network ATMs if your bank doesn’t have a presence in your college’s town.

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Moreover, never underestimate the importance of knowing how to do laundry. You’ll be doing lots of it at school, and even if you have been doing your own laundry it never hurts to keep your skills sharp.

Get in shape

There are many benefits to exercise, including that it helps boost your energy, mood, and self-esteem. You’ll be better able to handle a heavy college workload, plus staying in shape is something you should strive for the rest of your life. Working out doesn’t have to be complicated, either. It can consist of bike rides, hikes, long walks, and jogging, all of which you can continue doing throughout your time in college. Making exercise a part of your routine will help you get through an often strenuous freshman year.


Reading is a great way to keep your mind engaged and active. It’s helpful to read books that belong to your areas of college study or even just books that aren’t necessarily ‘easy’ reads. Try to read as if you were already in college and needed to absorb the information, even to the point of taking notes and highlighting text. And once you’ve registered for classes, you can order any textbooks that are available or listed on the course syllabus.

Relax and recharge

Finally, take some time to relax and recharge your batteries before starting college. It’s important to keep your mind and body active and work hard, but it’s also OK to relax, clear your mind, and enjoy the moment! After all, you’ll have plenty to do within the excitement of freshman year before you know it.

Take this time to prepare for the great next steps coming your way!

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