Life at LCU: Racheal Eckert Student Spotlight

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 in Student Spotlight

We’re halfway through the fall semester, and we continue to feel blessed to be surrounded by the Chaps that make this campus the way it is. Today we learn about Racheal Eckert’s journey to becoming an LCU Chap and hear about her past few formative years on campus.

Racheal is from Richardson, TX and is pursuing a degree in Sports Psychology. She was drawn to LCU because of her love for soccer and desire to play at a collegiate level. (We couldn’t be happier that she became a Lady Chap!) She is in her final semester at LCU and plans to graduate in December 2017.

What made you excited about being a Chap?

As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew this is where I had to go. There’s an amazing and attractive atmosphere on this campus that is hard to describe; it made this university beyond anything I could have asked for in my college experience.

When I first visited, I was given a warm and friendly welcome and was greeted with open arms. And when I arrived to move in, I was told that LCU would be my second home. After four years here, that statement couldn’t be more true.

What was your “plan” going into LCU? What has happened since you’ve arrived?

My plan had been to play soccer on a collegiate level for a long time, and I am thankful that did not change when I arrived. Though I had that goal, I hadn’t really given much thought into what I wanted to do with my major or with a future career, let alone how I was going to do it.

But that initial phase of “not knowing” was not a roadblock to my success. Instead, the professors here at LCU have been more than willing to help me figure out the type of career I wanted and what path I need to be on to achieve my goals. They helped me narrow things down pretty quickly to find something I was passionate about, and I was quickly able to begin taking the classes I needed.

What does a typical school day look like for you?

With daily soccer practice and our team traveling schedule, I have to stay disciplined throughout the week to make sure I am on track with all of my assignments. It is likely that if I’m not in class or at practice, I can either be found in the library or somewhere nearby eating a meal. My class schedule has created three-day weekends in several semesters so far, and that has allowed me plenty of time to hang out and recuperate from the busy week.

What do you enjoy doing for fun in the area?

Lubbock is a pretty decent sized city, and that means it can be a hotspot for great concerts year-round. I enjoy heading out to catch various artists when they stop through town!

What about LCU stands out to you?

You must know: the omelets in the Caf at breakfast time are divine.

But on a more serious note, the professors, faculty and staff truly do care for you. They will go great lengths to care for you once you arrive. I’ve enjoyed all of my classes and professors, but in being a psych major, I’d have to say I love the Behavioral Sciences professors the most. All of them have challenged me holistically and encouraged me to grow in who I am in Christ.

How have you grown academically at LCU?

I have always loved to take on challenges, and because of my time at LCU, I feel prepared to further my career and take on the academic challenges of grad school. The professors give you the tools to succeed because they truly want you to be successful, and they know that success and knowledge don’t come by creating easier tests for their students.

Have you encountered times of trial either before or during your college career?

I was terrified to come to a school where I did not know anyone. I would describe myself as an extreme introvert, and I struggled at reaching out and making new friends. Luckily, LCU is full of amazing people who took care to reach out to me and the other incoming students. After being here for four years, I am more comfortable with myself than I have ever been. I can talk to and encourage more people now than I would have imagined I could when I was a freshman.

How has your time at LCU impacted your faith and grown your community?

Attending LCU has reminded me to keep my faith before anyone or anything else. There have been plenty of great Christian speakers and worship nights that have seemed to give me exactly what I need when I’ve needed it.

In addition, I’ve met so many people that truly want to know how I am and care about who I am. I have made so many lifelong friends since I have been here.

What do you want to share with soon-to-be college students?

If you have even an inkling you are supposed to go to school at LCU, do it. Trust that it is worth it to invest in your college career at LCU, because LCU will undoubtedly invest in you.


We are proud to have Racheal with us on campus as Chap until her graduation this December. We hope that you’ve enjoyed her reflection on her journey to LCU, and we hope you catch one of her final games this season.

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