Top Reasons You’ll Benefit By Finishing Your Degree at Lubbock Christian University

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 in Transfer

Whether you’ve just finished a two-year college degree or are looking to re-start your college career, enrolling in a four-year school such as Lubbock Christian University is a great option.

The list of reasons and benefits of finishing what you started at a four-year school is long, indeed. While transferring can seem challenging, it’s become much easier thanks to enhanced collaboration between two-year and four-year institutions.

Let’s take a closer look at why it makes sense to finish your college degree at a four-year school.

1. Preparing for Your Future Career

The importance of a four-year degree in today’s competitive work world is well-known. Not only is it the starting point for your professional career, but studies continue to show that today’s fastest-growing jobs require at least a Bachelor’s Degree. For many company managers, there’s simply not enough time to mentor each new employee individually; employees are expected to have a solid foundation of knowledge already in place.

2. Accessing Top-Notch Resources

There’s no question that academic facilities at four-year universities provide endless resources. From access to libraries and research labs to quality educators and learning centers, you’ll find everything you need to succeed academically.

3. Benefitting Your Well-Being

Research shows that people with a college education not only earn higher salaries but that they also tend to live longer, healthier lives. It also provides a sense of self-accomplishment and financial security.

4. Living With Your Peers

Four-year colleges offer a wide variety of on-campus and off-campus living options. You’ll develop your relationship-building and communication skills, and develop a better sense of community as you interact with your peers at LCU.

5. Developing Leadership Skills

You’ll find a wide array of opportunities to become involved with organizations at a four-year school, perhaps even building on your previous campus involvement. Involvement in these organizations allows you to develop important leadership skills that will help you in your chosen career.

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6. Learning The Ability to Adapt

People with some level of education find it easier to adapt to new career fields in the future as opportunities present themselves. You’ll develop contacts that enable you to network effectively and keep your doors open in the future.

The LCU Difference

Why choose LCU? Again, the list of benefits and reasons is long, but most importantly:

  • LCU is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees.
  • LCU offers 66 undergraduate majors and over 23 graduate degrees.
  • You’ll thrive in LCU’s close-knit, faith-based community in which you’ll enjoy a close connection with your fellow students, faculty, and staff. Focus on your studies while growing in your walk with God.

Are you interested in learning how to transfer to LCU? If so, check out our transfer application checklist to get started.