5 Tips For Creating the Best Study Space

5 Tips For Creating the Best Study Space

The LCU Blogging Team
November 20, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Some people can concentrate in any environment. Others, however, need to be alone in a quiet room with zero distractions. In college, there are dozens of distractions that could affect the way you study. The trick is to create the best possible study spot that allows you to get your work done.  

It’s nearly impossible to find the “perfect” spot to study, but there are ways you can minimize the distractions and create a space that makes the most out of your environment. Here are a few best practices for having a serene space that promotes productivity in a place full of distractions.

It’s all about the lighting

Like the ideal Instagram photo, lighting can make or break a study space. Finding the spot near a window or even a mirror that reflects natural light is extremely beneficial when it comes to studying. Not only does natural light improve productivity, studies show that sunlight can lead to better sleep and overall quality of life. So open those windows and cozy up with your notes while catching a few vitamin D rays.

Studying late into the night? Find the right balance of bright (to keep you awake and counterattack the brightness of your screen) and subdued (to not hurt your eyes after hours). Most importantly, remember to work hard during your study time, then commit to go to bed at a decent hour!

Get some greenery

Head to your local plant shop and get a low maintenance house plant. NASA has proven that having a little nature inside improves the air quality of your room and creates a more serene space to study.

Indoor plants like aloe, ivy, and succulents are low maintenance and hard to kill. This means these plants are perfect for the busy college student.

Step away from the smartphone

What’s the first and last thing you do every day? If you said, “look at my phone,” you’re not alone. An overwhelming majority of Americans say they look at their phone at least once an hour – and it’s something you may not realize is a problem. This can be a hard habit to break, but it’s extremely important to set down that phone while you’re trying to study.

You’ll be surprised how much work you can actually get done if you step away from that smartphone. It’s tempting to read a little, then look at your phone, then write a paragraph, then look at your phone. Trust us, the earth will still keep spinning and Instagram isn’t in order anyway, so you won’t miss anything if you log off and concentrate on your work for a couple hours.

Turn it off, put it away, or set it across the room. If it’s out of sight, you’re more likely to stay focused on your study materials.

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Learn to love the library

You and your roommate are going to have different schedules, which means you’ll be studying at different times. If it's impossible to get anything done in your dorm without being distracted by ongoing conversations or noise, go to the library. It’s open early and late and it’s the quietest place on earth to get your work done.

Talking and loud noises are frowned upon at the library, so you know everyone who is in there means business. Find yourself a cozy spot and put your head in the books, then go back to the dorm and socialize.  

Remove the distractions

Netflix, music, talking, notification tones. The world is filled with distractions. It’s good to wind down and catch up on your shows and socialize with friends, but when you’ve got a test to study for, it’s impossible to focus. Set aside a time each day and devote it to study time. Maybe you can coordinate with your roommate to give each other the time and space to get your work done.

Make sure your desk area is cleared and organized so you won’t get distracted by the stacks of paper, trash, clothes or other clutter. So, clean your room, clear some space and get your studying done in a clean, quiet, serene space.

You’re in college because you’re serious about your future, and that means a lot of studying. Having a spot that is clear of distractions that allows you to focus on your work is essential to getting the grades you know you are capable of getting. There’s nothing worse than showing up to class unprepared to participate in class discussions and not having a paper to turn in because you didn’t take the time to create a space that keeps your productivity level high enough.

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