Adulting 101- Healthy Living in College

Adulting 101: Healthy Living in College

The LCU Blogging Team
August 7, 2018 at 8:35 AM

It’s almost impossible for anyone to stick to their diet 100% of the time, especially when beginning a new routine your first semester in college. The stresses of student life can make it difficult to choose healthy foods and stick with healthier choices, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on a healthy lifestyle. In fact, this new environment is the perfect time to start a shift in your habits!

One major key to being healthy in college is to focus on starting great habits – not focusing on trying to “be perfect” or “be good.”  By focusing on smarter choices, you can make progress toward a healthy lifestyle while avoiding any feelings of discouragement after one or two “cheat” meals or breaks from the gym.

Let’s take a look at a couple of simple ways to live a healthier life in college.

Meal plans

A meal plan may mean you’re limited in the number of locations you can pick food, but you’re still provided an abundance of choices when you enter that dining hall.

To avoid making impulsive decisions at the dining center, let your friends know that you want to eat healthily and ask for their encouragement. As they head in with you for meals, use positive peer pressure to reach for proteins and veggies rather than a large slice of cheese pizza.

LCU’s chefs and dietitians know how challenging eating healthy can be. They understand the changes and stress you’re experiencing, so they have created helpful ways to help you discover how healthy food can benefit you along with all the positive things that can happen when you start “feeding your potential.”

Here’s what you can expect with on-campus dining at LCU:

  • Recipes are freshly prepared and made as close to the mealtime as possible.
  • We feature fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low or non-fat dairy options.
  • We provide a vegetarian-friendly environment, with a variety of vegetarian or vegan choices.
  • We provide calorie-conscious choices and make nutrition information available for all the food we serve.
  • When available, our menus include seasonal selections with local and sustainable products.
  • We're proud to serve culturally diverse menus, featuring traditional favorites, ethnic dishes, and international flavors.
  • We are reducing the amounts of sodium and unhealthy fats in our recipes, and we’re working with our suppliers to do the same in their ingredients.
  • We recognize and accommodate special dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.
  • Our chefs and dietitians help take the mystery out of healthy eating with nutrition education programs and wellness events.
  • We provide individual support and attention for students with food allergies.

Get moving

Diet is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and adding in workouts is a crucial part, too. Maintaining your personal wellness is important, especially for college students. This new environment can be filled with stress and changes to your schedule and it is important that you build healthy habits to establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

The human body is meant to move. Exercise benefits extend far beyond losing weight or looking good in a bathing suit. Regular fitness can build confidence, relieve stress, improve learning and mental health, and can build healthy relationships around common interests in wellbeing.

The Fitness Center at LCU  is free of charge to all students and offers a variety of workout options including:

  • Cardio
  • Free-weights
  • Circuit Training
  • Functional Fitness Area
  • Individual Personal Training
  • Small Group Personal Training

Living on a college campus causes most students to have varied day-to-day routines. Schedules and strict habits don’t feel “fun” when living surrounded by friends, making time for studying, attending social and extracurricular activities, and enjoying other spontaneous plans, but healthy habits can make a huge difference in your wellbeing. Aim to incorporate mindful, healthy eating and regular exercise into your college habits, and we know that the effects of those choices will positively affect the rest of your habits as a student, too!


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