Why You Should Attend Chap Day at LCU

Why You Should Attend Chap Day at LCU

The LCU Blogging Team
January 16, 2018 at 2:53 PM

It is always recommended to visit the campus before you make your final college decision. At Lubbock Christian University, we have developed an easy way to gather all the information you need while you are on campus, all while meeting students, experiencing academic opportunities, and getting to know other prospective students: Chap Day.

Chap Day is a group campus visit which includes a department fair, chapel, campus tour, lunch, and much more. Visiting campus is the best way to experience LCU. We want to show you how our community is Christ-centered, close-knit, and Kingdom-focused.

Explore Majors Through Our Department Fair

When you head to college, it is exciting to try to find the right major for you. This is a time to reflect about what you want to do and who you want to become. With over sixty undergraduate majors at LCU, the possibilities of what you can do with your degree can seem endless, possibly even overwhelming.

Let our helpful infographic guide you through the process of finding the best  LCU major for you.

However, that feeling will change after Chap Day. During your visit, we will take you through a department fair where you will learn more about the various departments and schools LCU offers:

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Business
  • Communication and Fine Arts
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Math and Physical Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Biblical Studies
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences

Use this time to interact with faculty and staff from each department and major. Ask questions related to your interests and career goals. Learn more about where each degree can lead you after graduation. Once you’ve talked with representatives from each prospective field, you will have a better idea of which major is the right one for you.

Embark on a Campus Tour

Embark-on-a-Campus-Tour.pngThe LCU campus has a lot to offer students. During your Chap Day campus tour, your Admissions Advisor will show you around, letting you learn more about residence hall living, campus classrooms and research facilities, and our GREEN initiative to be an eco-friendly campus.  

During this tour, you will get to check out the new Rec Center (complete with a rock wall) Library (home to the largest Starbucks in Lubbock), and Student Union Building. Your Chap Day tour wraps up with a stop at the Caf for a free lunch, giving you the chance to experience one of our favorite on-campus eateries.

After your campus tour, you can participate in Chapel along with our LCU students, staff, and faculty. This time for worship and study will allow you to witness the LCU community as we strive to live on mission for Christ. Chapel is filled with great acapella singing and energetic speakers and is a testimony to our daily opportunity to grow closer to God through fellowship with fellow believers.

Meet Your Future Professors   

During your Chap Day adventure, you will come in contact with professors in your field on campus. You will be introduced to them and be given the chance to ask them questions about their research, the classes they teach, and their wisdom from their field.

Take advantage of the opportunity to sit in on the college class of your choice. This will give you an idea of what student coursework is like at LCU, letting you further visualize how you will fit in on campus.

Experience Student Life on Campus

Once you step foot onto LCU, you will quickly see that our students are welcoming and kind. LCU works to transform the hearts, minds, and hands of our students to live lives of purpose and value. Students are guided by their Christian faith in every dimension of their life.

Chap Day allows you to interact with the student body and develop an idea about the peers you will be surrounded by. Many times, future students even find their roommate (and even lifelong friends) during these visits!

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After you attend an LCU Chap Day, you will feel prepared to start your first semester of college.

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