Basic Courses to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree at LCU

Basic Courses to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree at LCU

The LCU Blogging Team
June 12, 2018 at 8:20 AM

Not sure what you’re majoring in? It’s okay – you’ve got time to decide!

For roughly the first two years of your collegiate journey, you will focus on obtaining 45 credit hours toward your University Core classes. This combination of courses exposes you to the fundamentals of a well-rounded education complete skills with critical thinking, researching, and writing.

Core courses give you the time and opportunity to explore several subjects in a short period of time while also developing valuable skills. Let's take a look at how foundational classes can be beneficial to your journey as a student, regardless of your major.

University Core Classes

Let’s take a closer look at the LCU University Core requirements:

Bible (12 hours)

LCU is committed to the Scriptures as wholly inspired and authoritative. Our faculty instructs and guides students to an intellectual grasp of Scripture, to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and into active service in the life of the church and community.

Here are the core Bible courses offered at LCU, of which students are to complete 12 credit hours:

  • BIB 1310 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BIB 1320 Introduction to the New Testament
  • BIB 3305 Christian Heritage
  • BIB 3310 Christian Life

Written and Oral Communication (9 hours)

So you’re studying biology and life sciences – why do you need English? To be successful long-term in any profession, it’s important that you learn proper grammar, demonstrate mature public speaking skills, and organize and synthesize ideas in ways that can be presented to and discussed with a group.

These core English courses will help you read and synthesize material, think through ideas critically, work with teams of your peers, and explain yourself more clearly.

Here are the basic English courses required at LCU:

  • ENG 1301 Composition Studies
  • ENG 1302 Composition and Literature
  • COM 2340 Communication for the Professional

Human and Social Science (12 hours)

Social science courses introduce you to the way people behave and the institutions they create. You’ll learn to research topics, come up with original ideas, and use statistics.

Social sciences include several subjects, all of which focus on understanding the multifaceted relationship between people and society. Students who study social science subjects in college can prepare for numerous jobs and careers – from teaching and public service to law or academic research.

Here are the core Human and Social Science courses offered at LCU:

  • 3 hours from PSY 1300 General Psychology or SOC 1300 General Sociology
  • 3 hours from HIS
  • 3 hours from ECO, FIN, GOV, or HIS
  • ESS 1200 Personal Fitness and Wellness
  • UNI 1170 University Seminar
  • UNI 2000 University Skills

Natural and Physical Sciences (6 hours)

Physical sciences is an interdisciplinary field, combining math, biology, environmental science, chemistry, and geology. Through these courses, students explore the world around them to understand and analyze living and non-living systems.

Here are the required natural and physical science courses required at LCU:

  • MAT 1311 College Algebra
  • 3 hours from BIO, CHE, NRC, or PHY

Cultural Awareness (6 hours)

Cultural Awareness requires that we step back from our previous perceptions and become aware of our cultural values and beliefs and think openly of others’ perceptions, too. Why do we do things in that way? How do we see the world? Why do we react in that particular way? How do other people and communities answer the same questions?

People see, interpret, and evaluate things in different ways. What is considered appropriate behavior in one culture or community may be deemed inappropriate in another. It’s critical that we take the opportunity to pause, listen, and learn from those around us.

The cultural awareness courses available at LCU include:

  • 6 hours from AFA, Fine Arts History, ENG, GOV, HIS, PHI, REL, FOL, or BIL

First-time beginning undergraduates must also take UNI 1170 (University Seminar) during their first semester of attendance. This is a great opportunity for students to orient to campus, adjust to taking college courses, and critically discuss new topics with their peers.

Students transferring to the university with post-secondary transfer credits totaling 30 or more hours are exempt from UNI 1170 (University Seminar). Transfer students must take Bible courses at the university equal to 10% of the courses taken at the university but no fewer than 6 hours.

Why University Core?

You may be thinking to yourself – “But I already took some of these in high school.” Yet the applicability of completing these fundamental, college-level competencies will give you a foundation that will enrich all the courses you take as an upperclassman.

Still undecided on your major? Take a look at some of the degrees LCU offers and make an appointment to discuss your options with your LCU advisor.

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