Comparing the Hub City to Dallas

Comparing the Hub City to Dallas, TX

The LCU Blogging Team
July 10, 2018 at 8:35 AM

LCU is home to students from all over the world, but a lot of Chaps hail from the DW metroplex. Moving to Lubbock is going to be a big change, but you’ll find that many of the amenities you grew up around can be found in the Hub City without the hassle of rush hour traffic and crowds.

Lubbock is called the Hub City because of its position as the economic, education, and health care center of the South Plains. There are countless cultural and recreational and opportunities in Lubbock, from championship golf courses to a world-renowned music scene, living in Lubbock provides an outstanding quality of life.

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Here’s what to expect when you move from the Dallas area to Lubbock:

Dallas vs. Lubbock

Here are some basic comparisons between the two places:

  • Lubbock is 87% less densely populated than the city of Dallas. Lubbock is home to nearly 250,000 while Dallas has around 1.3 million people. Begin factoring in the greater metroplex and that’s a lot more people and traffic to account for.
  • Housing costs are about 30% less in Lubbock compared to Dallas.
  • Lubbock has just over 50% fewer rainy days and over 10% more sunny days than Dallas.
  • Dallas is 13% more expensive in Dallas than Lubbock, meaning it’s way cheaper to buy a house in Lubbock.  
  • The average commute for residents of Dallas is 66.0% longer than it is for residents of Lubbock.


You probably grew up planning any errands within the metroplex to avoid rush hour. You know when the tollway is going to be packed and you wouldn’t even think of taking LBJ at 5:00pm on a Tuesday. While there are some major intersections in Lubbock that might become congested during the mornings and afternoon commute times, it will be nothing too inconvenient.

The Marsha Sharp Freeway, which connects east and west Lubbock, has expanded and is still under construction in some areas, but traffic remains at a steady flow. Interstate 27 provides quick access to north and south. As we mentioned “the Loop” or Loop 289 encircles the middle of Lubbock, and it will likely be a major part of your travels around town.

The best things about driving around Lubbock are the beautiful views of West Texas sunrises and sunsets. Just make sure you have some great sunglasses!


Out here, seeking refuge under a tree actually cools you off. It may be 106 outside, but under a nice shade tree (if you’re lucky enough to have one) it’s probably 30 degrees cooler. There are some humid days, but nothing like that Dallas heat you’ve known.

Lubbock has a drier heat compared to that of the metroplex, and it’s known for it’s windy days. Prepare with a great windbreaker to avoid becoming too cold and buy a good lotion to avoid your skin becoming dry.


Lubbock is a big city with a small town feel. People move at a slower pace out here. You’ll never meet a stranger, and there is a strong sense of community thanks to that West Texas Charm.

The internationally-known home of Buddy Holly can hang with Dallas as far as cultural diversity goes. Lubbock is a haven for art and theater lovers, with a thriving downtown creativity hub. Be sure to check out Visit Lubbock’s website as your go-to for information on upcoming events in town.

It’s perfectly acceptable to go to the grocery store with no make-up and casual clothing is the norm at most of the restaurants in town. This is a jeans and a nice top kind of place. So make yourself feel right at home -- there’s no judgement here.

Lubbock may be 5-7 hours away from your home in DFW, but it’s only a 50-minute plane ride away from DFW or Love Field. Plan ahead, and you’ll likely be able to find an affordable flight to visit home for the weekend.

Welcome to Lubbock, Chaps!

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