How to Finish Your College Applications on Time

How to Finish Your College Applications on Time

The LCU Blogging Team
August 29, 2017 at 4:30 AM

Fall is coming. Which means college application deadlines are on the horizon.

More specifically, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the college application process. While we accept your application to Lubbock Christian University as early as your junior year of high school, we advise all prospective students to begin applying to schools no later than fall of their senior year.

But we realize that filling out applications can be a daunting task that entails deadlines, essays, and gathering all kinds of information. It may seem overwhelming at times, and the last thing you want to happen is to miss your application deadline because you didn’t plan ahead.

Feel confident about submitting your FAFSA with this checklist

Use the tips below to help meet your deadlines, prepare for all college applications at once, and learn more about applying to LCU.

Avoiding application delays

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re running behind during the application process.

1. Organize your list of tasks

Take a close look at all of your tasks coming up, including family obligations, school projects, volunteer work, a job, and, of course, college applications. You probably have a long to-do list, but college applications only take up a season of your time, not the whole year, which means they are a top priority among your obligations.

Start by outlining all pieces needed for these applications. Make a spreadsheet or document with school name, application deadline, hyperlink to application, username, password, and any required application documents (transcript, recommendation letters, essays, etc.).

Essentially, you can make the daunting task of “applying to college” manageable by breaking it up into subtasks.

2. Make a schedule

After you’ve organized your tasks and prioritized them based on urgency and items needed, lay out a schedule and a path to completion.

Make sure that you estimate how much time is needed for each task while keeping in mind that things tend to take longer than you anticipate. Keep things efficient by noticing similar requirements for applications, then completing those items in one go.

Tasks that require input from others, such as admissions interviews, letters of recommendation, and edited essays, are typically tasks that rate higher priority. Prioritize these tasks that loop in other people, knowing it will allow you (and them) a buffer of time to complete the task well before the deadline.

3. Understand your delay

It’s important not to panic if you’re running behind schedule. Instead, analyze the source of your delay, whether it’s fear of change, leaving home, keeping your to-do list too vague, a certain section of the application that you find complicated, or any other reason. Once you’ve identified the issues that are contributing to your delay, start looking for solutions.

4. Send off those applications

Give yourself time before the application deadline to double check your paperwork and review the application requirements one last time. Then hit “submit” and take a much deserved sigh of relief!

The Ease of Applying to LCU

Our goal at LCU is to make the application process as easy as possible. You can get started by following this link to our undergraduate and master’s applications. Here are some other important dates to remember when applying to LCU.

  • As a first-time beginning applicant seeking an early decision, your high school transcript through your junior year, completed application forms, ACT or SAT scores, application fee ($25) and statement of purpose are due by October 31 of your senior year.
  • Early decision notifications are made by December 15, and the tuition advance deadline is January 15.
  • For regular decision, first-time beginning applicants, the application deadline is January 1 with notifications made by February 15. The tuition advance deadline is May 1.
  • The application deadline is June 15 for provisional decision first-time applicants. Provisional decision notifications are made by July 15. The tuition advance deadline is July 31.

Making Your Application Count

To ensure that your application is the highest-quality possible, take care to do the following things:

  • Read all the directions
  • Proofread carefully (not just spell-check) – have a peer read over your work for extra input
  • Do your research and know where to find the right information, such as test scores and curriculum requirements

Your senior year of high school will be filled with a lot of memories, activities, and important to-dos. Make it a stress-free time by making a plan early, sticking to your plan, and making your application submissions a piece of cake.

Essential Checklist for Completing Your FAFSA