How to Spend Your Spring Break Purposefully

How to Spend Your Spring Break Purposefully

The LCU Blogging Team
March 13, 2018 at 9:30 AM

We’re sure you’re already thinking about your upcoming Spring Break, and a break is exactly what you may feel like you need. Do not feel pressured to take a trip if you feel like your time could be used better elsewhere. In fact, these days could serve as a way to not only rejuvenate yourself, but get you ahead.

Here are some steps we recommend for a purposeful Spring Break:

Invest in Your Community

Take your time to serve the community around you, choosing to volunteer in local organizations and nonprofits. If you live in the Lubbock area, spend time at the Texas Boys Ranch as one of their many “ranch hands” or help out at the Children’s Home of Lubbock to care for kids and families in crisis.

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These five weekdays off from school can open your eyes to the struggles that the neighbors within your community are experiencing and provide you the opportunity to love and care for them as Jesus calls us to.

Travel to Serve Others

Spend your week-long break from classes living out your faith with fellow students. Several high schools now take alternative spring break trips, giving you the opportunity to serve others, work hard, and bond with your classmates over a shared mission.

LCU students have the same purposeful opportunity over their break. There are several on-campus organizations who choose to work on either a spring break mission experience or a mission internship, all for the glory of God and his name. You’ll have the chance to gain first-hand, front-line ministry and leadership skills on these mission trips because each one is planned and led by students. Most importantly, you’ll directly engage with people who are disenfranchised and in need, and spend your time serving others in Jesus' name.

Ramp Up Your Research

Take some time off from your regular studying routine and consider joining a new research team. Spring break is often the perfect time for these condensed, focused projects to take place. Ask your teachers in advance if they know of research teams or labs who need additional assistance over the break. This goes for all subjects – from science and math to even art.

Search for Jobs and Internships

It is never too early to begin applying for jobs or internships. Prepare your applications, resumé, and references and start looking for summer positions and assistantships that interest you.

If you are eager to gain experience sooner, use this week to job shadow at a couple local companies. This opportunity will help you learn the ins-and-outs of your ideal field and could be a pivotal point in helping you finalize your major and career path.

Catch Up On Rest  

Use this break to rest and refocus so that you are able to finish the remaining weeks of this semester strong. Catch up on sleep and recover with physical activity and healthy eating. Focus on a hobby or two to refresh your mind and allow yourself to relax. This week is a great time to incorporate new, rejuvenating habits  into your routine. Begin meditating or taking long walks with a friend – anything that will help you feel rested and ready to conquer any task ahead.

We challenge you to spend this week-long break with a purpose! Let us know what you choose to do below.

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