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LCU Highlight: School of Education

The LCU Blogging Team
September 25, 2018 at 8:35 AM

Hannah Dimmick says she’ll never forget freshman year when Dr. Jean Hines, a professor in the LCU School of Education, slammed the door and yelled at her class for – what she thought at the time – to be no apparent reason.

Ms. Dimmick, now a third grade teacher at Roscoe Wilson IB World School and LCU Class of 2015 graduate, said Dr. Hines went on to explain that there will always be something to be mad at in the outside world, but it’s a teacher’s job to not take it out on his or her students. She said if they, as college students, were scared, imagine how it would feel as a child.

The LCU School of Education has a nearly 100% placement rate and a long-standing reputation of producing caring and innovative teachers. Hannah says she uses a lot of the strategies she learned in school in her own classroom every day.

“The syllabus from Jana Anderson’s ENG3300 Literature for Children and Young Adults class is sitting right next to my desk for easy access!” she said.

Ms. Dimmick said she uses Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline for her classroom management style, something she first learned in Annette Mahan’s Early Childhood Education class.

She says she wasn’t expecting to have so much fun getting her degree.  

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“Dana Reeger was always a mentor,” she said. “She taught me to make lessons that seem boring more exciting. One time, she came to class and baked zucchini bread. The goal was to learn how to write a procedural text, but there was so much fun involved, it didn’t feel like we were learning.”

“I loved being at LCU for my college years,” she said. “The School of Education felt like a second home. From Mama Joy to Papa G (Dr. Ramirez), I felt God’s love all around. I wouldn’t trade those days for the world.”

Future educators at LCU will benefit from:

  • Partnerships with local districts (LISD, FISD, CISD, SISD) designed to improve and enhance your education
  • The School of Education’s own National Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) will provide you with professional growth opportunities
  • A cutting-edge media center, including a curriculum lab and curriculum library, to assist and support you as you develop teaching materials
  • A wide variety of certification programs to meet your specific needs and interests
  • Service opportunities near and abroad to help those less fortunate

To learn more about the training and course details associated with the LCU School of Education, visit their web page!

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