Life at LCU - Daniel Lockhart Student Spotlight

Life at LCU: Daniel Lockhart Student Spotlight

The LCU Blogging Team
February 20, 2018 at 8:00 AM

This spring has already been a busy semester on campus, and we have continued to see LCU Chaps grow and learn in and out of the classroom. Today we learn about Daniel Lockhart’s time as a student at LCU and hear about his personal experience growing and maturing in the Lord and in his studies.

Daniel is from Midland, Texas, and is pursuing a degree in Biology. He chose to attend Lubbock Christian University thanks to the example set by the alumni in his life, including his mom, aunts and uncles, and several close family friends. He is a senior in his final semester at LCU and plans to graduate in May 2018.

What made you excited about being a Chap?

Thanks to the support and excitement my mom, aunts, uncles, and family friends had regarding their time at LCU, I have wanted to attend LCU since I was in grade school.

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What was your "plan" going into LCU? What has happened since you've arrived?

Before I started college, I knew I was driven to apply my knowledge and interests toward helping others. I had the intention of earning my degree to prepare me to attend medical school and eventually become a doctor. But through the counsel of several wise mentors on campus and meeting my fiancé, I reorganized my plans to instead major in Biology and work toward physician assistant school.

What does a typical school day look like for you?

On the average school day, I will leave for class early and spend the first part of the morning focused on schoolwork. After class, I spend time in chapel with all other LCU students, faculty, and staff. Soon after a quick bite to eat for lunch, I leave for work or finish the day with a class or two.

What do you enjoy doing for fun in the area?

It’s really fun to go out for a movie or head over to the nearby Texas Tech University stadium for a football game.

What about LCU stands out to you?

Dr. Andy Laughlin and Dr. Julie Marshall have influenced my time here at LCU immensely. Their instruction and classes have helped me learn the course material, ask hard questions, and prepare for my future. In addition to these professors, I benefited from LCU’s very rigorous and enriching science program. I had the opportunity to do research and explore the world using everything I have been taught in the lab and classroom.And as Racheal mentioned, breakfast in the Caf is life-changing. Try out the omelet bar, because it is amazing everyday.

How have you grown academically at LCU?

Each time I walk out of an LCU class, I feel like I have learned new things and grown as a student.

Have you encountered times of trial during your college career?

Throughout every struggle in college, I knew I could rely on the encouragement, support, and wisdom of my friends. Thanks to their steadfast reminders of Scripture, I have grown spiritually through each high and low.

How has your time at LCU impacted your faith and grown your community?

LCU provides students much more than the opportunity to join a campus devotional; this community offers us several places to worship and study the word, including church, small groups, and Bible studies.

In addition, I participated in one of LCU’s social clubs, Koinonia. This allowed me to join in several campus traditions and activities, compete in intramurals, and serve the community.


Daniel will be on campus as a Chap until his graduation this May. He is soon to be married to a former LCU student who is now pursuing nursing school.

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