Life at LCU Zack Williams Student Spotlight

Life at LCU: Zack Williams Student Spotlight

The LCU Blogging Team
July 25, 2017 at 4:22 AM

Lubbock Christian University students are inspiring. They come from a variety of backgrounds, endure challenging obstacles, pour their energy and excitement into school and clubs, and through it all, focus on the truth that God is with them. Zackary Williams is one of these exemplary students who recently shared his story with us to encourage you in your own journey.

Williams was first drawn to LCU from his Summer Excitement church camp experience a few years back. He is from Quitaque, TX and is majoring in Middle School Education. A self-proclaimed “Super Senior,” he plans to graduate in May 2018.

What made you excited about being a Chap?

After completing orientation, I felt a presence of love and support like I've never felt from a group of strangers. LCU just felt like home after that.

What was your "plan" going into LCU? What has happened since you've arrived?

I didn't really know what I wanted to do when I arrived at LCU; I didn't have a set plan. After I met Mr. Josh Wheeler, he encouraged me to pursue the education field and give it a shot. I haven't looked back since.

Mr. Wheeler, Dr. Owen, Dr. Fehr, Dr. Boyer and Mrs. Boyer have all made an impact on my learning so far. Their classes and the personal time they have spent mentoring me has been appreciated.

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What does a typical school day look like for you?

I wake up around 9am and get ready for the day ahead. I start by going to chapel to jump start with worship and community. Class follows chapel, then work later that day. When work is over and I've done my fair share of homework, I spend time with my friends until at least midnight. I try to go to sleep at a decent hour (for me) and repeat that routine the next day.

What about LCU stands out to you?

The community – hands down. I didn't realize how supportive and impactful a school could be. The students, professors, and staff members bring a loving, caring character to the campus, and it shows daily in how they interact with each of us.

What do you enjoy doing for fun in the area?

There's a place outside of Lubbock (not too far – I still consider it Lubbock) called Ransom Canyon. I love going out there and hanging out with friends. It brings me peace to sit by the lake and reflect on how beautiful our God is. There are a ton of of things to do here in Lubbock, but going out to Ransom is one of my all-time favorites.

How have you grown academically at LCU?

I have learned to properly balance my priorities, especially when it comes to academics and social life. I've become a better student who cares more about academics, and I am more mature in my actions. I would say that’s a huge change from how I was in high school.

Have you encountered times of trial either before or during your college career?

I definitely encountered trials before college. I was faced with spiritual doubts and had a hard time knowing what was true and what wasn't. Since I came to LCU, I’ve been given multiple opportunities to grow and learn more about God. I took advantage of each of those experiences, and I was shown how great God really is. I began to dig deeper into my Bible than before, and I chose a great church to be a part of. Since being here, I’ve met so many Christian believers who wanted to help me grow and hold me accountable for my actions. God's love for me is a huge blessing, so I try to relay that love to friends, family, and strangers that I encounter every day.  

How has your time at LCU impacted your faith and grown your community?

I have met several people who have gone through struggles similar to my own, and it has opened my eyes to remind me that I am not alone. My faith has been tested numerous times since coming to college, and I am continuously reminded how faithful and loving our God truly is.

Even when we may seem lost and alone in our struggles and dark times, I know with great confidence that we are never alone and God's plan for our life is way greater and more beneficial for us than our own plans.

My community has grown in amazing ways. I knew maybe a handful of people before I came to college – not many at all. But after getting plugged into a social club, being active with Student Senate, and living on campus, it has grown immensely!

What do you want to share with soon-to-be college students?

Prioritize your time wisely. You will experience multiple opportunities throughout college, and you do not want to waste a second of it.

Also, be sure to surround yourself with great company and branch out of your comfort zone. You won't regret it, we promise.

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