_New Year Checklist_ Countdown to College

New Year Checklist: Countdown to College

The LCU Blogging Team
January 8, 2019 at 8:35 AM

Happy New Year! It may not feel like it, but this last semester of high school is going to fly by. If you’re one of the many seniors counting down until graduation, you’re hurrying to get all of your college paperwork turned in on time while maintaining your grades and a social life.

Before you know it, you’ll be walking across the stage at graduation with that high school diploma. It’s time to squeeze every ounce out of the time you have left as a high school kid before you’re suddenly an independent adult in the real world.

Read on to see what you should be doing now that the New Year has come and gone.

Pick Your College

Some people go their entire lives knowing which college they will attend when the time comes. If your parents went to a school and dressed you in their alma mater attire from the time you could walk, then you probably have an idea where your college years will be spent.

If you haven’t made your decision yet, it’s important to visit the campuses of the colleges you are interested in. Most schools have links on their websites linking you to more information or a form to fill out. LCU offers a personal tour of campus, giving you the full experience of a Chap and a chance to meet faculty and see the dorms. To schedule your personal tour, or to attend a Chap Day group tour, click here.

Take on More Responsibilities

You know how your mom yells at you through your door to unload the dishwasher and wash your clothes? And you know how she usually ends up doing it for you? Your mom won’t be in the dorm with you. (Thank goodness, right?) If you don’t wash your clothes, you’re going to have dirty clothes. Now is the time when you learn how to take care of yourself, if you don’t know how to “adult” yet.

Pay more attention to how much things cost, make yourself a realistic budget and start to think about how much money you’re going to need. Remember, this is your last year at home, so show your parents what a great job they’ve done preparing you for the real world.

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Plan Your Summer

You’re recovering from the holidays and are just getting back into the swing of things for your last semester of high school. This is the perfect time to line up your summer plans. A lot of people take trips, work at church camps, or work a summer job to save up money for school.

Be thinking about your summer to-do/bucket list so you can make the most of your last summer before college. You’ll need to mix the fun with business.

Flood Your Instagram

Make memories! You’ve spent the last few years (and sometimes the last 12 years) with your friends in high school. Be grateful for the time you’ve all spent together as you plan to go your separate ways. Be intentional when you’re spending time with family, and cultivate those special relationships with grandparents and other relatives.

The last semester before high school graduation is a time for planning and reflection, hard work and persistence. Get started on your to-do list today!

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