The Freshman Guide to Lubbock, Texas

The Freshman Guide to Lubbock, Texas

The LCU Blogging Team
March 6, 2018 at 9:00 AM

You’ve been accepted to LCU, and it’s time to prepare for your big move. Chances are, this is your first opportunity to live on your own in a new city. That realization can really get your nerves going!

But Lubbock and the LCU campus are about to become your home-away-from-home. You’re about to live in a vibrant West Texas community that’s the third largest city between I-35 and the front range of the Rockies. And yet, it still has a small town feel with friendly people and faces, ready to welcome you to town.

With your upcoming move, you’re likely thinking, “What exactly is my life going to be like in Lubbock?” Never fear – we have a quick and easy freshman guide to Lubbock below:

Your New Town Has a Lot of History

The panhandle has a rich history, and Lubbock’s position on the south plains is no different. You might feel tempted to stay on campus all four years, but we recommend venturing out to explore the history around you.

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Lubbock is the birthplace of rock ‘n roll thanks to music legend Buddy Holly. Visit the Buddy Holly Center and explore the stories of many record artists who have come since. Stop by the American Wind Power Center to glimpse the largest collection of windmills in the world. And of course, with Texas Tech University also in town, Lubbock has a decidedly “college town” feel to it.  

The Weather is Eventful

Lubbock is famous for its ever-changing weather. Experience the heat of summer one day, then wake up to snow the next. Lubbock has been nationally recognized for this phenomenon, yet we don’t let it bother us. In fact, it’s taught most of its residents resilience and proper planning can go a long way to keep you comfortable and safe.  

But on the whole, Lubbock has a pretty mild climate with warm days and cooler nights year-round. Summers feel hot with low humidity, and winters are often cold yet sunny. This means that overall, the day-to-day weather is comfortable. As you prepare for your first semester in Lubbock, pack for a range of weather conditions, no matter the season, just in case a cold front or thunderstorm rolls through. And any local will tell you: layers are your friend.  

It’s an Affordable Place to Live

Good news! We know you came to college probably on a budget, and turns out Lubbock is the perfect place for that. Restaurants, groceries, utilities, and transportation are reasonably priced thanks to Lubbock being the “Hub City” of the region. If you choose to live off campus down the line, the cost of living in Lubbock is far below the national average, meaning sharing a house or apartment with other students is an affordable option. With this higher standard of living at a lower cost compared to almost any other city nationwide, you will be able to save up to travel or prepare for wherever post-graduation life takes you.

There’s Plenty To Do

There are plenty of activities and entertainment available for those spare moments when you can venture off campus:

Community is Easy to Find

According to the Lubbock Economic Development Association, the Lubbock area is home to more than 54,000 college students  – that means there are plenty of folks in town to get to know! You’ll find it easy to get to know other college students on campus, at church, and out and  about. This will let you make deep friendships and find a strong Christian community, helping you mature as a disciple of Christ.

Learn how to get involved with LCU campus life with our LCU guide to on-campus extracurriculars:

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