Timeline for LCU Students Entering Fall 2017

Timeline for LCU Students Entering Fall 2017

The LCU Blogging Team
June 6, 2017 at 4:11 AM

As an incoming freshman at LCU for the 2017-18 school year, you’re no doubt experiencing feelings of excitement and apprehension.

While this summer will have many activities, including spending quality time with family and friends, you also want to ensure that everything is in order before the start of fall classes. The following is a timeline that will help you get ready for the coming school year.

Financial Assistance - June 1

New students must have their financial assistance applications and files completed by June 1. While this deadline has passed for incoming students, we recommend contacting our Financial Assistance department if you have questions.  

Feel confident about submitting your FAFSA with this checklist

Note: Undergraduate student account balances are payable in full by Sept. 30 for the fall semester.

Final Application - June 15

If you’re a first-time beginning freshman applicant to LCU, you must submit your application by June 15. An application includes your full high school transcript, completed forms, standardized test scores, application fee, and your statement of purpose.

Decisions about these notifications will be made by July 15.

Registering For Classes

If you haven’t registered for classes yet, there are three remaining summer registration dates available to you this summer in which you may select your courses:

  • June 26
  • July 17
  • August 7

Here’s a link to LCU’s course descriptions and catalog to begin thinking about your schedule!


The following routine immunizations are required for enrollment:

Meningitis Vaccines

The meningococcal vaccine is required for all students 21 and under and must be completed at least ten days before the first day of the semester.

Tetanus Booster

You’re required to have had a tetanus booster shot once in the past ten years. The Tdap vaccine, which includes tetanus and whooping cough boosters, is recommended, but not required.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)

Students are required to submit documentation of receiving the MMR vaccine series or proof of immunity.  Students without evidence of immunity will need to receive 2 doses of MMR vaccine.

The following immunizations are recommended:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella – if you’ve never had chicken pox
  • An annual flu vaccine

Freshman Orientation - Aug. 17

You’re strongly encouraged to sign up for LCU’s Go! Freshman Orientation as several studies have shown that students who take part in orientation find it easier to adjust to their new surroundings once college begins. You can sign up now for the 2017 Go! Orientation scheduled for Aug. 17 at www.LCU.edu/go.

Get Ready For Move-In - Aug. 17 & 18

Residence halls are open on Aug. 17 for those participating in freshman orientation. They’re open for all other students Aug. 18.

Start of Classes/Late Registration - Aug. 21

Classes begin Aug. 21, as does drop/add and late registration. The late registration period ends Aug. 25. For any questions you have about the admissions process or any other information pertinent to first-time students, contact LCU’s Admissions Department.

If you have questions about these or any other deadlines before you get started this fall, don’t hesitate to contact your admissions advisor and they will be glad to help!

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