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What’s the Best Degree For Your Personality?

The LCU Blogging Team
May 22, 2018 at 9:30 AM

Among the many important decisions you’ll face as a new college student is determining your primary course of study. While some students enter college with a major in mind, many others are undecided.

So, which major should you choose? While having a passion for a certain area of study or potential career is one indicator, many studies show that matching your personality type to a major can bring you great success.

It’s also important to keep in mind that most personalities will fit into any work environment. But the wide range of personality tests available today can help you narrow down your choices.

Personality tests and what they mean

The groundbreaking 1997 study by John L. Holland, titled “Making Vocational Choices,” examined the difference between personality types and careers. The study divided personalities into six main types:


People who like to work with things they can see and touch, such as machines, animals, and plants.


Those who like mathematics and scientific challenges. Generally speaking, these individuals don’t aspire to influencing, persuading, or leading people and prefer working with others who are similarly grounded.


Artistic personality types view themselves as original and independent and aren’t attracted to highly-structured and repetitive activities. They don’t mind working in groups as long as they’re allowed to express themselves freely and encouraged to share their ideas.


People with this personality type like to help others but don’t like working with tools or machines. This is the most common category of the six personality types.


Enterprising types are ambitious and very outgoing. They tend to make good managers and salespeople. They prefer to avoid people who are overly scientific or analytical, but definitely enjoy working in groups.


Conventional personality types like structured and orderly tasks. They work well with machines, numbers, statistics, and records, and see themselves as organized and good at following directions.

What does it all mean? At this stage, as you’re considering your major, it’s helpful to know what your strengths are and how they can help you become successful in any field. Furthermore, every job requires a unique combination of personality traits.  

Most importantly, getting to know yourself well should come first. Take a few online personality tests, and once you’ve truly defined your passions, interests, and skills, you’ll be better equipped to determine your major and potential career choice.

Are you looking to learn more? Check out our guide to interpreting your personality test results today:

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