How to Grow Your Faith at a Private Christian University

Written by The LCU Blogging Team on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 in Campus Resources

You have the amazing opportunity for growth both socially and academically during your years in college. But even more, this time also provides the opportunity to grow and shape your faith.

There are a variety of ways to develop your faith at a private Christian university like LCU, and our college spiritual leaders encourage students to seek paths that lead to growth. Prepare to find these ways to grow your faith from the beginning of your time on campus:

1. Be Ready to Stretch Your Faith

Freshmen often come to college after having gone to church their entire lives but maybe without deeply considering what their faith means to them. College will give you the opportunity to stretch your faith, including having conversations with students who come from other Christian traditions and backgrounds.

2. Make Time for Morning Reflection & Prayer

Many students sacrifice sleep to study or socialize, but sacrificing 15 minutes each morning for prayer and reflection is a great way to grow your faith. Setting aside a small amount of time can undoubtedly set the course of the rest of your day while allowing God to work in your life.

On a larger scale, consider if you spent 15 minutes every day during your four total years of college for daily reading and prayer. That adds up to 365 hours of time (or about 15 full days!) to intentionally deepen your relationship with the Lord and grow in your walk. That small, daily commitment can lead to substantial spiritual development.

3. Build Good Habits Early

It’s never too early to practice the disciplines of prayer, service, worship, and studying the Bible. We suggest that you not only take time to read the Bible, however, but also meditate on the words in a way that makes them food for your mind, not just your soul. Find ways to incorporate worship and prayer into your personal devotions to further your spiritual development, then continue those disciplines in service and corporate settings.

4. Get Involved in the Community

There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your faith on campus at a private Christian university, but make it a point to visit churches in the community. Ask other students where they go to church in the community and seek out Christian fellowship groups to become involved in them.

5. Become Involved in Service Work

Christian service work is an ideal way to grow your faith in college, and the possibilities are endless. Students can join one of our LCU service organizations to serve alongside fellow students, allowing them to go beyond focusing on self while learning to love God and people. It also helps you focus on the bigger picture of what God is doing in the world.

6. Form a Bible Study

Find a trusted group of friends and meet regularly to discuss God’s word. LCU’s weekly devotionals have been a time for our students to engage in the Scriptures, grow in their relationships with their peers, and further deepen their love for the Lord.

7. Connect With Christian Mentors

Whether it’s a trusted professor, counselor, or older student, connecting with committed Christians who are willing to connect with you on a deeper level is vital to your spiritual growth. Consider speaking with someone you respect and look up to and ask if they would help disciple you.

8. Take on a Leadership Role

Becoming involved in campus Christian leadership is another great way to grow your faith. You can consider further developing your leadership skills in a ministry setting, a local church, or by serving regularly as a dedicated lay person. Several students consider graduate school as a solid next-step to prepare for a leadership role while learning the Scriptures.

Lubbock Christian University is committed to the spiritual well-being of students as well as its Christian Mission. As a student at LCU, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from, and contribute to, a Christ-centered culture.

Be fully prepared for your campus visit by outlining exactly what you want to see on campus. From weekly devotionals and chapel to service projects and opportunities to get involved in local community churches, at LCU we are committed to helping you grow in your faith.

Be prepared for your college visits. Download our guide now:

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